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Competitive Advantages

A. Niche Market Advantage in Thailand

a) Regional risk diversification - set up factories in Southeast Asia to avoid the world's factory - China competition.

b) Exporting and importing goods is zero tariff in ASEAN+3 (Association of Southeast Asian Nations +China+ Korea+ Japan).

c) Jinpao has Tax free which is promised by Thailand BOI(The Board of Investment of Thailand).

d) No worries of huge natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, cold winter, etc.). Nationality mild, non-exclusive, high degree of obedience and cooperation.

B. Low-volume High-Mix Production of Special Manufacturing / Capability of Rapid Customized Products

a) Has a relevant basis for high-precision, high-tech degrees, process capability with a high degree of processing complex multinational engineering team and knowledge management.

b) Vertical integration related engineering equipment and technology, with the whole process of digitizing panel beaters plant to create precision mechanical parts.

c) Due to (a) (b), so Jinpao have the ability to quickly integrate and reactions.

d) Has ability to ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), and create value for customers.

  1. Has professionals with 3D design, complete the requested special function.

  2. Has professionals with 3D design, complete the requested special function.

e) Has Stamping, Punching (N.C.T.), Laser, Bending and other equipment, which are arranged to flexible production processes.

  • Small-lot Production:Low-volume High-mix orders
  • Flexible Mass Customization:Vary by product
  • Mass Production:Economical lot production

C. Has manufacturing equipment and technology, to manufacture highly sophisticated institutions required precision machinery products parts.

a) Integrate mold design and high functionality to create high-precision craft and high degree of complex technology, which could not be completed in a single process.

b) With abilities to transform machinery and equipment .Welding technology is solid and aesthetics

c) Improves the design according to customer needs to re-structure, creating value for customers. Such as lower costs! Enhance product capabilities.

d) With the ability to simultaneously several different colors of spray paint, reducing changeover time.

e) Solves customer complex requirements quickly, and introduces a variety of sophisticated testing equipment to ensure product quality and precision.

f) With abilities of rapid response and flexible process by vertically integrating institutions pieces of metal in manufacturing equipment and technology. And actively cooperate with the machinery suppliers to develop first-class advanced automation, custom manufacturing equipment, continued to improve existing processes.

g) With a world-class quality control AS9100 aerospace certification

h) Due to mold and design a standardized set of accessories, mold design and manufacturing shorten mold delivery and more competitive.

D. Focus on Six Industry Niche Products, Has Good Relation with Top Customers

a) Niche products throughout the aerospace, communications, green energy, medical, electronics, food testing industry between six high-margin markets.

b) Customers are diversified, low-risk, grasp the top customers of six niche market.