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Labor Practices

"Staff" to the company is the largest asset. For the planning of employee benefits, the company is committed to promoting staff growth, shaping a good working environment and the establishment of smooth communication channels on the long-term spare no effort, as well to create a fair and reasonable, harmonious efficiency, improve the workplace environment. Caring for staff is the spirit of the Company, to provide better welfare measures than the laws or other relevant rules regulated, so that every colleague can concentrate on the job without any worry. And set up the "Human Resources" section on Jinpao website to provide the following information for staff reference:

______(1) Staff welfare measures
______(2) Learning, training and implementation
______(3) Retirement system and implementation situation
______(4) Employer-labor agreement and employee rights and benefits protection measures


Labor communication platform/channel:
CSR Committee/Labor Practices: Mr. Paiboon Chanvalaiporn
Tel.: +66-27093687 Ext. 246
Email address:paiboon@jinpao.co.th