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Customer Issues

    The Company focuses on dedicating itself to the niche markets, grow together with high-quality customers for sustainable operation. For the customer's response and demand, there is a dedicated department to deal with the relevant customer inquiries or questions in manner of fast, transparent, robust, prudent approach. 

    Handling the problem procedure:
    Response to classification processing and tracking according to the situation of customer:

            (1) In case of service issue, it will be resolved quickly based on principle of clear   
                 description, clear guidance and right on place.
            (2) In case of a problem, we should clarify the situation, verify the key point then    
                 cordial explanation in reasonable as the essentials.  
            (3) In case of customer complaints issue, will be treated in equality, with consensus
                communication, legitimate and reasonable to protect his/her rights and interests as                  a key element.

    Customer private data protection:
    The Company for the customer information will be treated with professional rigorous
    utility, and protect the interests of customers properly.


1. Policy: uphold "grow with customers, to seize the opportunities for sustainable development" and to provide customers from product design to finished product manufacturing one-stop service. To maintain a close relationship with customers, understanding his/her needs and design products jointly in development process. To provide customers with niche industry “Low Volume High Mix” (LVHM) characteristic of the solution, and the establishment of a full range of operational integration model, quick delivery and prompt solution onto quality problems, to provide customers a full range of services under "Discipline, efficiency, professional" concept.

2. Implementation: The Company has a customer service department to provide customers complaints channel and personal services to solve customer problems.

Customer complains platform/channel:

CSR Committee/Consumer Issues: Mr. Tzou Hsin
Tel.: +66-27093687 Ext. 110
Email address:vincent@jinpao.co.th