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Our History

B.C. History
  1. On March, Jinpao has passed the supplier onboarding process of GISTDA and SSTL certificate for satellite manufacturing and delivered finished good in support of THEOS-2 project.
  2. On April, Jinpao to be accredited with U.S. NADCAP certificate in the field of Heat-Treatment Processing by the Authority of SAE.
  3. On July, Jinpao completed voluntary Carbon Emission Check & Inventory and got the certificate of ISO14064-1 from SGS.
  4. On July, Jinpao launched the third phase of green energy project to innvest in the construction of a solar power generation equipment system with a capacity of 1,505 kWp, increasing the company's renewable energy usage rate from 10.257% to 29.416%.
  1. On February 18, Jinpao welcomed Mr. Estelle David, Director of Business France in Thailand and a group of French consultants 5 persons traveled to visit the company and production line.
  2. On April 26, Jinpao participated in receiving a certificate of honor for the establishment development project in accordance with occupational health,safety and working environment management system standards for the fiscal year 2020 and 2021.
  3. On April, Jinpao started an expansion construction on punching plant and launched a new laser welding plant project at site of Soi 11.
  1. I-Motor Thailand invited The Permanent Secretary of Minitry of Industry of Industry Mr. Kobchai Sungsitthisaward & Secretary General of the Board of Investment of Thailand Mr.Duangjai Asawachintachit to attend the Virtual Inauguration of Vapor. .
  2. Customer launched Asia's first brewable smart drink vending.
  1. To hold a closing ceremony of M&A transaction (acquired SPEM Aero SAS) at La Ferme de Pinot, musée Aéroscopia on January 7, 2020.
  2. On July, Jinpao to be accredited with U.S. Nadcap Certificate in the field of Anodizing of Chemical Processing by the Authority of SAE.
  3. The Representative of Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Thailand Mr. Lee Ying-Yuan visited Jinpao on the 5th of November.
  1. The Minister of Oversea Community Affairs Councils, ROC (Taiwan) Mr. Hsin-Hsing Wu visited Jinpao Company on Jan 9, 2019.
  2. The first Jinpao Cup of National Automation Contest in Thailand was held by the Company on March 9, 2019.
  3. The Jinpao Company of Thailand jointedly with her French subsidiary as of a manufacturing supplier to co-participate in the Paris Air Show Franch on the 17 to 23 of June, 2019.
  4. To launch the phaseⅤproject of construction new Spray Paint Factory on current area of lane No. 11 on November.
  5. Issuing 2nd domestic convertible bond TWD 200M in TPEx market on November 28, 2019.
  6. Premium capital increasing by 4.2M new ordinary shares (capital=436.64M Baht) on December 23, 2019.
  1. Grandly held the 20th Anniversary Celebration and Year-end Staff Sports Conference on Feb.
  2. In August, Jinpao was awarded the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Award (CSR-DIW Award) by the Ministry of Industry of Thailand.
  3. In September, the Company signed the Share Purchase Agreement to formally acquire ADB and LuTEC, two France aerospace professional precision milling companies.
  1. The Board of company resolved and approved an application for migration from OTC to major stock market of “TWSE” on a meeting held at January.
  2. For Ceremony of the Company to be transacted and migrated officially in the Taiwan Stocks Exchange Market out of OTC on the 9th of March.
  3. Being a project to acquire the Philips Thailand property, Jinpao granted tax incentives by BOI with (1) Aerospace products for 8yrs’ exemption, (2) Auto Machine products for 5yrs’ exemption and 1yr 50% off in a row.
  4. The Vice Minister for Finance Ministry of Thailand Mr. Kiatchai S. and the Representative of Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Thailand Mr. Tung jointly visited Jinpao Company on the 4th day of August, 2017.
  5. Phase 4 factory expansion (for aerospace anodize treatment) kicked off on October.
  6. The Board resolved and approved a solar PV power rooftop project on October which costs 28.4 M Baht for a grid system 993.6 kWp power plan.
  7. The Board resolved and approved for procurement a land of 54 Rais in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) for collaboration to Thai Industry 4.0.
  1. Jinpao accredited with more Nadcap Certificates in relative item of Spot Welding, Seam & Projection by the Authority of SAE on April.
  2. More land about 30.81 rai (49,296 sq m) and factory 13.11 rai (20,976 sq m) were procured from Philips Thailand for expansion purpose on July.
  3. Jinpao granted by the President of Republic of China (Taiwan) with the 18th Outstanding Overseas Taiwanese SMEs Award on October.
  4. The Company Managing Director Mr. Chung Kuo-Sung and Vice MD Ms. Kuo Hui-Ling rewarded by the Vice President of Republic of China (Taiwan) with the 25th Selection of Model Taiwan and Overseas Entrepreneurs Award on December.
  1. Established a subsidiary at Tokyo in February
  2. For Signing Ceremony of a MOU to corporation with Labor Department of Thailand to develop technician education of the nation.
  3. Jinpao to be granted and awarded with “Green Star” by Industrial Estate of the Authority Thailand on September
  4. Issuing 1st local convertible bond TWD 200M in market Taiwan on October
  5. Premium capital increase of 2.3m shares (capital=360.5m Baht) on November
  6. In December, Jinpao to be accredited with a Nadcap Certificate in the field of Chemical Processing by the Authority of SAE.
  7. In additional, Jinpao to be accredited with a Nadcap Certificate in the field of Welding by the Authority of SAE.
  1. A Board Meeting of GTSM held on the July to approve an application from the company for listing in GTSM securities market Taiwan.
  2. A cash capital increasing by issuing new ordinary share with 3,750,000 shares successfully (capital to be as TWD 337.5 M).
  3. The company shares were initial public offering, listing and being transacted successfully in the securities markets Taiwan which her share code registered as be no.: 5284.
  4. In November, Jinpao to be accredited with a Nadcap Certificate in the field of Non-Destructive Testing by the Authority of SAE.
  1. Telecom outdoor enclosure products certified by AIS and going to mass production
  2. Established 1st European subsidiary (Belgium) on March
  3. Pre-IPO shares restructuring completed on Jun (listing entity “JPP holding” going to share-swap with operation entity “JP-Thailand”)
  4. Premium capital increase of 10m shares (capital = 450m Baht) on Sep
  5. “JPP holding” going to premium capital increase of 6,666,666 shares (capital = 300m TWD) on Oct
  1. BOI approved investment incentives (telecom and aerospace) on Jan and Feb respectively, and of 8 yrs tax exempt and another 5 yrs 50% off.
  2. Resolution for going public to stock market Taiwan and registered to adopt FA from underwriter
  3. Phase 3 expansion completed on Jul
  4. Change par value to 10 Baht on Oct
  5. Premium capital increase of 5m shares (capital = 350m Baht) on Nov
  1. PDM went live on Jul ; ERP went live on Aug
  2. Phase 3 expansion (aerospace products and smart digital factory) on Aug
  3. Capital increase 120m (capital = 300m) on Sept
  1. TUV TS16949 (Automotive) certification on Jan
  2. AFNO AS9100(Aerospace) certification on Mar
  3. Started to penetrate niche markets like as aerospace, food inspection and health-care products
  1. Sur Tec 650 Chromit AL® TCP certified on Jun
  2. Acquire 8.34 rai of land (13,344 sqm) on Aug for Phase 3 expansion
  3. Telecom outdoor enclosure product certified by TOT
  1. Capital increase of 30m (capital = 180m) on Aug
  2. ISO14001 certified on Aug
  3. BOI approved investment incentives (electrical products, electronics, health-care, and industrial products) on Sept with 3 yrs tax exempt
  1. Phase 2 expansion completed on Aug. added Painting, silk screen and welding capability
  1. ISO9001 certified on Aug
  2. Capital increase of 50m (capital = 150m) on Aug
  3. Launch Phase 2 expansion
  1. BOI approves investment incentives for Tooling and Precision Parts project on Apr
  2. Phase 1 facility completed on Oct
  1. Capital increase of 40m (capital = 100m)
  2. Purchased 14.58 rai (23,328 sqm) of land on May to build phase 1 facility
  1. Capital increase of 40m (capital = 60m)
  1. Purchased first CNC punching and bending machines, penetrated HMLV product area.
  1. Capital increase of 10m (capital = 20m)
  1. Company establishment on Jan, for hard tooling design and manufacturing.
  2. Registered capital of 10m (par value of 100 Thai Baht)