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Investor Practices

      In addition to setting up a spokesman for the Company to provide shareholders and investors information services, the Company has set up a website to expose the financial information on a regular basis and to report the financial information on a regular/irregular basis at the "Market Observation Post System". And set up the "Investor Zone" on the Company's website to provide the following information for the benefit of shareholders, investors and customers:

______1. Provide relevant Chinese and English company profile.
______2. Financial statement information.
______3. Announce the minute of shareholders' meeting.
______4. Set up the investor mailbox, reply by the in-charge of Taiwan office management ______ _ department.

      The company set up a spokesman, and set up the investor mailbox, by the in-charge responsible for the reply.

Investor communication platform/channel:
Spokesman: Mr. Chung Kuo Chun
Tel.: +886-2-25415566
Email address:kc_chung@jinpao.co.th