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Sustainable development of enterprises

    The company uses education, training, various company events and gatherings to promote and convey the concept of social responsibility. Anyone who violates the company's ethical standards will be punished.

    (1) The company continues to improve the utilization efficiency of various resources and promotes energy saving and paper recycling.

    (2) The company properly disposes of waste and does a good job in classifying waste. For the products and raw materials produced and provided by suppliers, it is required to prohibit or limit the use of environmentally harmful substances to reduce the load on the environment.

    (3) The company does not pollute the environment during the production process, and assigns dedicated personnel to clean and maintain the environment every day.

    (4) The company promotes an electronic document management system to reduce paper operations and achieve paper reduction.

    Other important information that helps to understand the company's sustainable development operations (such as the company's environmental protection, community participation, social contribution, social services, social welfare, consumer rights, human rights, safety and health and other social responsibility activities) Systems, measures and implementation status):

    (1) The company has an internal control system and various measures, and is committed to improving the environmental protection and social responsibility awareness of all employees; it also implements product quality management, has provided customers with good products, and continues to improve customer satisfaction, achieving the goal of sustainable business operations. purpose, and then give back to the society and the investing public.

    (2) The company has established an employee welfare committee to provide various employee benefits to ensure employee rights and interests.

    (3) Our company takes corresponding measures in response to the implementation of the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (ROHS) to ensure that customer orders comply with ROHS specifications.

    (4) The company has long-term promotion of industry-university cooperation plans and sponsors basic facilities in colleges and universities to cultivate outstanding talents and promote exchanges between academia and industry.

    (5) In February 2015, the company signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Technical and Vocational Administration of Thailand’s Ministry of Labor to assist in the development of national technical and vocational education.

    (6) On July 30, 2018, it won the 2018 Thailand Corporate Social Responsibility Award from the Factory Management Bureau of the Ministry of Industry of Thailand.

    (7) On March 25, 2022, in accordance with the letter No. 1100375814 issued by the Financial Supervisory Commission on November 25, 2022, the board of directors revised the "Enterprise The “Code of Practice on Social Responsibility” is named “Code of Practice on Sustainable Development” and relevant provisions have been amended.

    (8) In 2022, an ESG working group and a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Committee (GHG Emission Committee) will be established to replace the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

    (9) Complete the independent carbon inventory in July 2023 and obtain the ISO14064-1 certificate awarded by external certification SGS.

    Social welfare and donation:

    1. Sponsored Tzu Chi Merit Accounting in Thailand in March 2022 with 129,318 baht.
    2. Sponsor 100,000 baht to the Red Cross Society Fund of Chula Hospital in Thailand in November 2022.
    3. Sponsor 50,000 baht to the Ramathibodi Hospital Medical Academic Fund in Thailand in November 2022.